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Welcome to this new site. If you share our vision of a comprehensive collection of quality tips then please help out by contributing your favourites.   Kevin Solway (172)

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Some points for discussion:

- Make tips short. Try not to write anecdotes, e.g. 'I did this...' or 'In my experience...'

- Feel free to re-write tips, at any time. Or delete them if you think they're no longer helpful.

- Please do use the voting system, so everyone gets to read the best tips at the top of each page.

- Find the best category for a tip by searching for keywords first. Categories do frequently overlap, so if you find duplicates you can either move them yourself, or ask the site owners to fix matters.

- If you have a special area expertise, please apply for category-owner responsibility. This helps by keeping the site useful and tidy.   [guest]

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If you think you have what it takes and believe in your self show it,you don't know how many lives you will change   Prince nwaigwe (9)

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The best is not yet to come but is in you,depends on the field you fit in as the best   Prince nwaigwe (9)

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